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  How To Check Mobile Number

  How To Check Mobile Number

How To Check Your Mobile Number For Airtel, JIO, BSNL and Vodafone Idea

In some cases you may have forgotten or otherwise recognized your very own phone number. In such instances, you can discover your own contact number in different means.

You can call your good friend’s number and also take down your own number showed on your pal’s phone screen. You can also use your phone’s setups to figure out your contact number.

Nevertheless, one of the most prominent and also the easiest approach to learn the mobile number from SIM is the dial the USSD code provided by the particular network company for this function.

Here are the USSD codes of different networks to figure out the mobile number.

Check Mobile Number:

  • Let’s face it, recalling your mobile smartphone quantity is tough, and the difficulty is exacerbated with the aid of the reality that we shouldn’t need to provide it out too much.
  • Your pals and spouse and children will shop your phone wide variety in their contacts, however they do now not don’t forget it from the top of their heads.
  • It may be particularly tough to bear in mind if you’ve just switched networks and have a exceptional smartphone variety. If you’ve ever had the predicament of no longer knowing your smartphone variety, the solution is easy.
  • All Sim mobile range test codes for all networks we organized a listing of codes to test all telecom network cell numbers.
  • The easiest way to test from your cellular phone at once that is through USSD codes every telecom employer uses their very own codes for their services like cellular wide variety check, balance take a look at, ultra-modern gives, and so forth..

Check Your Mobile Number Grounded On Your Provider

  • Indeed if you do n’t have a stability on your cellphone to call a friend or relative to test your mobile volume, you may painlessly discover the range grounded completely on simple way depending to your community provider. We ’ve blanketed the strategies for the zenith telecom merchandisers in India, Airtel, Jio, BSNL, and Vodafone Idea.

How To Check Your Mobile Number On Jio SIM Card

There are three approaches to look your cellphone number.

– You can detect your own volume by using searching at the maximum current SMS you acquired about DATA use to your bias.

– JIO may also publish DATA operation statistics to the registered electronic correspondence manage with.The cellphone number is listed in both the SMS and the textual content.

– You may use the following tool to find Jio’s cell volume From any Jio wide variety, shoot an SMS to 199. You’ll get an SMS with your JIO volume.

– You also can take a look at your DATA use and speak to range statistics from the MyJIO APP. To find out how numerous is on your JIO SIM card, subscribe up on your JIO Portal.

How To Check Your Mobile Number On Airtel SIM Card

  • Airtel is India’s biggest mobile carrier company.
  • About the verity that it lacks a important 4G network, in discrepancy to JIO, it has been considered one of India’s maximum notorious drivers.
  • telephone the posterior canons to search your Airtel cell range telephone * 121 * 1# or * 121 * nine#( realize your airtel volume) OR simply telephone * 121# and pick out stability from the prompt list.

Airtel variety check law

  • * 140 * a hundred seventy five * one hundred forty * 1600#
  • * 121 * 9# * 282#
  • Telephone * 141 * 123#
  • * 400 * 2 * 1 * 10#

How To Check Your Mobile Number On Vodafone Idea SIM Card

For Vodafone:

Vodafone is a famous network company around the world.

You may want to either down load “MY Vodafone” from the Google Play store or name the following USSD codes to discover your (my) Vodafone cell telephone wide variety:

For Idea:

If you already have the “My Idea” app in your device, open it and go to account records to find out your own Idea cellular range.

To search your Idea SIM cellular cellphone number, dial the following USSD codes:

DIAL : *131*1#
Idea quantity take a look at : *789#
*a hundred twenty five*9#

How To Check Your Mobile Number On BSNL SIM Card

BSNL is a government-owned telecommunications agency that became previously referred to as CellOne.

BSNL sells a variety of 3G / 2G data plans as well as different cell offers. In 2018, BSNL additionally launched 4G LTE service. Dial the subsequent USSD codes to find out what your BSNL GSM number is:

*123# and later pick out from the precipitated menu

Ways To Check Your Mobile Number From Your SIM

  • If none of the stairs referred to above give you the results you want, here are a few not unusual approaches you can use to discover your mobile range the use of your SIM.

Check Your Mobile Number From Your SIM:

1. Call a Friend
Since it is easy, this technique has been used for years. To e-mail, all you require is a pal, family member, or every person close by. Easily textual content or call this character, and your cellphone number will show on their device.

2. Call Customer Services
You can get your cellphone number by way of contacting your network provider. When you name customer service, your records, even your cellphone range, will frequently show on their monitors. This isn’t always the case, as in while you dial customer service out of your landline.

If it’s the case,you could observe down your SIM card range in case you are approached for it.
3. Check Your Phone Settings
The most famous manner to discover your cellphone variety on Android is to go to Settings > About cellphone/device > Status/telephone identification > Network.

This varies marginally on Apple merchandise, in which you may visit Settings > Phone > My Number.

4. Look in Your Contacts
You should discover your mobile quantity on your Contacts on both Android and Apple telephones by way of tapping at the contact’s software and navigating to the top of the page.

In iOS, choose ‘My Card’ or ‘My Number,’ even as in Android, pick the ‘ME’ touch.

Your cells extensive variety, in addition to every other contact statistics, might be proven here.

Menus on Android telephones vary rather in phrases of in which the mobile range is stored.

This will need you to search around a little to find your telephone range.

5. Check Your SIM Card Pack
If you actually need to discover your SIM card number, it is probably at the container that the SIM card came in.

If you do not have the authentic packaging, you will ought to extract the SIM card from your handset to test the number.

6. Visit a Store
If you have not reached your cellular smartphone amount making use of any of the strategies said above, you want to visit the retail outlet of the network to which you are subscribed.

Retail shops can be busy, however they’re patron-focused and will gladly assist you.

7. Find a Bill or Contract
If you’ve got a mobile smartphone bill and the documentation is available, your cell quantity might be written in this.

Your huge variety can be observed in your initial deal, update files, or all of your paper bills.
8. Log Into Your Online Account
Some people can view their cell phone account on-line.

You need to bookmark this tab in your browser to make it easier to do that in the destiny.

9. Using WhatsApp
You also can search your wide variety from WhatsApp by using going to the Settings And Profile Tab (you could test your cell smartphone variety there).

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