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How to get call history of any wide variety in india?

  • The manner for buying call element of a number is special in keeping with the SIM Card operator however the sample is identical for getting name report.
  • For example; If you need to get the call records of Jio Number then you will get from portal of the Jio. And for the VI Vodafone idea,you will get name records from the portal of the VI.
  • So, you will get the decision records via the help of the portal of the operator of your sim card.
  • Therefore, allow`s recognize that how to test name history of any wide variety of any operator of Jio, airtel, Vodafone, Idea SIM wide variety?
1.Any JIO NumberUsing the jio application and myjio website
2.All Airtel NumberBy SMS and Email
3.Any Idea Number (VI)Using the VI app, message and application.
4.Any Vodafone Number (VI)Using the VI app, message and application.

How to get call details of any number? Call history

  • Do you need to recognise that how to get call information of any Number?
  • If yes, then you`re on the proper area for knowing the call records of any variety such as of Jio, Airtel, VI Vodafone & Idea Number.
  • Many times we want a name records of any other variety due to some reason.
  • So, you may recognize about the method for checking Call element with contact Number of incoming and outgoing calls of any operator of sim card whether or not it’s miles Airtel, Jio, Vodafone or Idea.

How to get call information of any wide variety

  • By the way, in case you use postpaid sim Number of any operator then you definitely get the decision details of a number of with the bill expenses.
  • But you don`t get bill of call detail of any operator sim card of pay as you go quantity.
  • Therefore, We have stated step by step technique on how to get cal details of any quantity on line of any pay as you go quantity of any operator?

Is it possible to get call info of range?

  • First of all, the query arises that Is it feasible to get call records of any Number?
  • Many of them suppose that there may be not possible to get the decision information or History of a Number for the mobile user.
  • But I would like to tell you that you could without difficulty check name element of any number even though the call history from the mobile has been deleted.
  • No be counted that whether or not name records from the mobile has been deleted or no longer.
  • Overall, the answer is Yes that you can get call element of your number.
  • Now, the question arises that how you’ll be capable of get the call statistics of incoming and outgoing name of a Number? So, allow`s understand approximately it.

How to get name info of jio range?

  • There is the easiest manner for buying Jio name history of any Jio Number in comparison to the alternative operator. You get the call records of Jio Number immediately.
  • You can get the decision records statement of your jio sim from the online Jio internet site and my JIO utility.
  • So, we can know that how to get name facts of incoming and outgoing call in Jio Number thru MY JIO Application.

Follow the beneath technique to test Call information of number of Jio Number through MY Jio utility:-

  • Install the my Jio utility on your smartphone and login the use of the jio number from that you need to get the call records. (No rely,
  • you can login with the jio wide variety from any cellphone however you will want to go into the OTP)
  • Tap to the 3 menu bar at the top left aspect.
  • Click to the My utilization alternative.
  • Tap to the CALLS alternative.
  • Click to the – “Do you need to view special utilization assertion?“
  • Select the date from which date to which date of call records of outgoing and incoming name you need.
  • Below pick the way in which you want to look the announcement – Email assertion, down load statement and view statement in the Would you want to?
  • If you choose the email announcement then you may want to go into the email after which Call records will be despatched to your electronic mail.
  • And in case you select download declaration then the announcement will be downloaded in your cellular. And inside the view assertion, the announcement will open without delay.
  • Now, you will be able to view your jio call records as you could see inside the under screenshot.

In this manner, you would have recognized effortlessly how to get call details of any mobile variety of any Jio Number through my JIO software.

You also can take a look at jio name history through the help of the jio.Com legitimate website.

How to test airtel call detail?

  • By the way, You should had get the call history of airtel variety thru My airtel app formerly however you can not take a look at now via the airtel App.
  • But you don`t must be fear if you need to get the incoming & outgoing name element of your airtel Number.
  • So, you may View the decision history in pdf format of your airtel quantity thru the assist of message and e mail.

Follow the below process to understand that the way to get call details of any wide variety of airtel sim:-

  • Open the message app in your mobile.
  • Type inside the message field –” EPREBILL (month call) (Your electronic mail). For instance; if you need to take the invoice of October months and your e mail identification is rohitkushwaha.R780@gmail.Com then you need to send – EPREBILL OCT rohitkushwaha. R780
  • Send that message to 121 Customer care of Airtel.
  • As you ship the message then one Password to your message is despatched and the Call history in PDF of your variety can be despatched for your electronic mail by means of the airtel.
  • Open e mail and open the e-mail from bill wherein your call element pdf can be available.
  • Open pdf and enter the password which became despatched on your message. Now, you may see the Call element of your airtel range using that PDF record.

In this way, you may take a look at airtel name records the use of the email and SMS in a pdf format. Now, permit`s recognize the manner for knowing call records of Vodafone concept Number.

How to get call records of VI Vodafone Idea Number?

  • I would like to clear you that Vodafone and Idea have been merged and that they each are said VI Which way vodafone Idea.
  • So, you may get the decision element of vodafone or concept quantity thru the simplest one procedure for both sim.
  • You need the VI app, message and e-mail for purchasing call element of any VI Number.
  • You will need to update the e-mail identification in your VI quantity thru VI app for purchasing name element pdf and you need to request for call element via SMS.

Follow the below manner to recognise that how to get call information of any wide variety of VI :-

Update your electronic mail identity to your Number via VI app:-

  • open VI app and login along with your VI Number of which you want to get name history.
  • Click to the My account.

Request for call element in Message:-

  • Open the message and ship EBILL (month name in quick) to 12345. For instance;
  • if you need to get the Call detail of September month of your VI Number then you have to kind – EBILL SEP and ship it to 12345.

Get Call detail PDF in e-mail:-

  • Open the Gmail after which you’ll get one message within an hour after soliciting for.
  • Open the pdf to be able to be despatched to you by using the VI.
  • As you open the call history pdf then you will need to enter the password.
  • So, the password might be -First letter of your call in small letter and closing 4 digits of your cell quantity.
  • In this way,
  • you may get any cellular quantity call info on-line of Vodafone concept Number via following the above process.
  • By the way, procedure is bit long in comparison to the manner of getting call element of other operator of sim card.

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