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How to Renewal a US Visa

How to Renewal a US Visa

  • Did you recognize, that the United States receives nearly 1 million traffic from India for tourism and business each 12 months?¹ Whether it’s miles for paintings, study, to peer family, or to go to the wonderful towns of the US, there are lots of reasons to hold discovering this big and diverse country.
  • But renewing a visa can sometimes sense extra perplexing than it needs to be.
  • The US authorities calls for you to go through the whole visa software system every time you observe for a visa. Even for renewal of US visa or maybe in case, your visa continues to be legitimate. But for nonimmigrant renewals US visa, you can now not want to interview once more. Read directly to analyze extra about how the visa renewal process works.

Now, ready to renew your visa? Here’s the 7 steps to renewing your US visa:

  1. Check if your visa is eligible for renewal
  2. Submit form DS-160/Online nonimmigrant visa application
  3. Check if you qualify for a visa interview waiver
  4. Pay the visa application fee
  5. Send supporting documents
  6. Attend visa interview (if necessary)
  7. Wait for a decision

If you had a US visa which expired, you may apply for US visa renewal. You will receive the identical kind of US visa again, supplied you continue to fulfil the conditions.

Am I Eligible to Renewal My US Visa?

You can observe for US visa renewal if:

You want to renew a visa you previously had. So, if you had a B2 visa, you may simplest follow for B2 visa renewal.

The US Embassy did not deny a current visa utility from you. If, after your visa expired, you applied for any other US visa and that software was rejected, you can not follow for renewal.

You will renew a US visa with a couple of entries, and with a validity of more than 1 12 months.

You still fulfil the necessities for the visa you are trying to renew. See the USA visa sorts and their requirements.

You are applying for US visa renewal from your home u .S . A ..You can’t practice for renewal if you are nevertheless in the US.

Your visa expired among much less than forty eight months ago. Sometimes visas that expired more than 48 months in the past also are eligible.

Required Documents for US Visa Renewal

  • When renewing your US visa, you may have to submit similar files in your preliminary visa software:
  • Your passport. It needs to be legitimate for at least another six months from the time you propose to leave the United States.
  • Any previous passports which have an expired US visa in them.
  • Two passport-length snapshots, in step with the United States visa picture requirements. Not the identical ones you used to your unique software.
  • The printout of Form DS-a hundred and sixty confirmation page.
  • Proof you have got paid the United States visa price (the receipt).
  • Any different documents primarily based on the US visa you want to renew.
  • Note: Although it is not precisely a visa requirement, it’s far extraordinarily recommended to get travel medical health insurance for any journeys to the USA, due to the high fees of hospital treatment.

Applying for US Visa Renewal

The system to renew a US visa is almost the same as whilst you first carried out it. You ought to:

Complete the net software shape (Form DS-a hundred and sixty).

Schedule an interview appointment at the US Embassy/Consulate.

Pay America Visa Renewal Fee.

Submit the required files for US visa renewal.

Enter the visa renewal interview.

Please word: Some aspects of the software manner might also vary in chronology depending on which country you’re renewing your US visa.

For example, for US visa renewal within the Philippines, you pay the charge first, then, you whole the software shape and make an appointment, whereas in India you only pay the rate after scheduling an appointment.

Complete Form DS-a hundred and sixty for US Visa Renewal

The software shape for US visas is known as Form DS-a hundred and sixty, and it is the equal online shape for all non-immigrant visas and US visa renewals. You can entire Form DS-one hundred sixty in one of the following strategies:

Through the Consular Electronic Application Center. You have to complete the software yourself, even though someone can also help you in case you need to assistance with the language.

The utility has to be finished in English, using the simplest English language characters.

By using the services of a third-party corporation including Visa Express. They guide and assist you via the application process.

If you are nervous approximately finishing the DS-160, such corporations are useful because they are used to handling Embassies and Consulates, and are properly informed concerning the application method and required files.

When you whole the utility, you’ll be redirected to an affirmation page. You need to print this web page and bring it with you to the interview and when you post the files. Basically, you want the affirmation page at any stage of the US visa renewal system.

Schedule an Interview Appointment

In order to agenda an appointment with the US Embassy or Consulate in your united states, you must go to their internet site. They must have their cellphone quantity indexed together with commands on how exactly they must proceed.

The US Department of State additionally has an online server for scheduling interviews (here). If you already registered there the primary time you applied for a visa, you don’t need to re-sign up. Your log-in data is saved.

The procedure for scheduling an interview appointment can trade relying on the united states of America, however, so before whatever, make sure you touch the Embassy and get all of the applicable records.

You can discover a listing of American Embassies and Consulates around the world right here.

Submit the Documents/Enter the Interview

There are generally three options regarding file submission and the USA visa renewal interview:

Post the documents and enter the interview at the US Embassy but on unique days.

You post the files at the US Embassy on the day of your interview.

You publish the files at a Visa Application Center, after which enter the visa interview at the US Embassy.

This means you could want two special appointments, one for documentation and the alternative for the interview.

The US Embassy for your u. S . A . Need to provide you with these records. Sometimes, while you renew a US visa, you don’t have to input and interview.

US Visa Renewal Interview

After you submit your files for visa renewal, you need to go to the US embassy and take a seat for an interview with a visa officer.

They will ask you questions about your trip, and the cause you’re making use of for the visa, in addition to greater non-public facts, consisting of your revenue and relationships.

They will ask you whatever so one can assist them to make a selection.

See a list of common US visa interview questions.

  • US Visa Renewal Interview Waiver
  • If you’re applying for the renewal of a B-1/B-2, C-1/D, F, J, M, or O visa, you may qualify for the interview waiver.
  • In this approach, you without a doubt publish the documents at the Embassy or Visa Application Center and wait to be notified approximately the outcome.
  • Inquire with the Visa Application Center or the United States Embassy about the possibility of an interview waiver.

How Long Does the United States Visa Renewal Process Take?

The processing time for a US visa relies upon the unique visa you’re making use of. It can take everywhere from a few days to three months.

Another element that impacts visa processing time is the time of year whilst you observe (i.E. The Embassy’s workload), and whether or now not you enter an interview.

Sometimes, the visa officials will inform you about the final results of your software as soon as your visa interview ends. Other instances, you go home after the interview and wait to be notified.

What Is the Validity of a Renewed US Visa?

In most instances, you will acquire a brand new visa with equal validity and conditions as your expired visa.

What if Your US Visa Renewal Application Is Denied?

If your renewal software is denied, the US consular offerings will inform you approximately the motive for denial. Most regularly, programs for US visas are rejected due to incomplete documentation or because they are suspicious of the applicant’s rationale within the US.

When your US visa application is denied, you have got the choice to apply for an Ineligibility Waiver.

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