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About US Visa Interview

About US Visa Interview

Preparing for the visa interview

  1. Schedule an appointment for your visa interview in the country where you reside.
  2. Embassy or Consulate, it may be more difficult to obtain a visa outside the country where you live permanently.) Search for your country of residence at to find the nearest embassy or consulate — and its contact details.
  3. Understand that wait times differ according to the venue.
  4. Pay the visa application fee which is non-refundable
  5. Gather the required documents: These include:
  • Passport valid 6 months after your scheduled departure from the US
  • Type DS-160 confirmation page for non-immigrant visa application
  • Receipt of Transaction Fee
  • One printed photo that satisfies visitor visa requirements
  1. Prepare for the visa interview by rehearsing answers to frequently asked questions

What are the B1 B2 US Visa Interview Questions?

  • No rely upon if you are making use of a B1 Visa or a B2 Visa the questions that you may be asked at the start of the interview with the consular officer can be the same.
  • Usually the consular officer starts offevolved the verbal exchange via commenting some thing at the climate, the push hour inside the morning, or the long queue at the embassy. That is because they need you to feel secure and make you experience much less apprehensive or pressured.
  • Have all documents in your palms, properly arranged and in order. Hand to the interviewer every document that he asks for, following by way of explanations if you see it vital. The normally requested questions for US Visitor visa interview are the subsequent:

US Visa Interview Questions and Answers:

What is the cause of your visit to the United States?

  • This is only a heat-up query.
  • “For business purposes – to barter a contract.”
  • “To visit my mother, who lives inside the US.”
  • “For medical remedy.”
  • I am going to visit my aunt, whom I haven’t visible for a long term.
  • “The motive I desire to get a US visa is to visit u. S . And sightsee. I have been saving for a long term for this ride.”,
  • “I even have received to proper to wait for a convention/seminar/training.”, and so on.
  • Answer shortly and actually, because the time you have got with the consular officer is brief and you do not want to waste it by way of speakme gibberish, and nor does the interviewer.

Have you Been to America Before?

It could be very crucial to answer really. Tell approximately the motives you have got were given visited America before, i.E. Tourism, schooling, clinical motives, and so forth.

Even when you have stayed beyond your visa validity, been deported, or detained at some point of your preceding life in the US, you need to inform.

The interviewer has the facts both ways, so it’s far little need to lie. If you have by no means been to the USA earlier, really tell that.

Do you’ve got relatives or friends presently within the US?

Even if you have some a long way away household which you most effective meet every 3 – four years or even less, inform the consular approximately them.

Alternatively, even when you have a pal you’ve got best met a few times, you may have to tell the consular once more.

It is higher to accomplish that, in place of the consular officer finding it out later, due to the fact that that might positioned a threat to your chances to get a visa.

The embassy is mainly scared that their site visitors will try to continue to be within the US and hide such information as having a relative or pal living inside the US.

Details in your pals/family within the US

If you have any, you will be asked questions about how long they had been residing within the US, their addresses, what they work for, and many others. Therefore, attempt to contact your friends and loved ones earlier and ask them about these records.

Where will you be dwelling inside the United States?

If you’ve got booked a motel, show your lodge reserving and tell the interviewer a chunk why you’ve got selected that hotel. If you’ll be staying over at pals or households display their invitation letter and describe your courting with them.

What is the reason for visiting at this precise time?

  • If you’re making use of a B1 visa it is less complicated for the interviewer to accept your motives. Whereas, in case you are touring beneath the B1 visa, then you have to deliver stronger reasons, as
  • “Only all through this period I can take days off at work.”
  • “My friend/relative has available space at her domestic / is loose simplest throughout this time of the year.”
  • “My medical circumstance has worsened now, and I can not get hold of the proper treatment in my home united states of America.”

How long will you be staying inside the US?

One week 3 months days and so forth just give the amount of time you’re planning to stay in the US.

The consular officer has all this information on your software in his hands, but however, he’s going to simply attempt to get into the real speak this manner.

Why do you intend to live goodbye, are you able to live shorter?

This is a question thru which the interviewer typically asks to people who have implemented for a visa with an extended than 6 months validity.

If you’ve got applied for such a visa, you need to have a robust cause at the back of it, so provide the interviewer with a comprehensive clarification.

Who will you be travelling with?

If you are going on my own tell so if you may be going with someone else give an explanation for to the consular if these human beings will follow as your dependants or no longer, and additionally what’s your courting with these people.

Have you booked your tickets?

If you will be requested this query relies upon in your situation, but, when you have already completed such component, hand the booking confirmation letter to the interviewer.

How tons do you suspect your live in the US will fee to you?

Prepare an itinerary to your US ride, which include all types of expenses. Present this itinerary to the interviewer when requested this query. It will deliver the consular officer the idea which you know what you are doing, and that you are aware how a whole lot you’ll be spending.

What do you do for a residing? How lots do you earn?

Tell the interviewer about your career, what you do in trendy, how lengthy have you ever been running there, in addition to approximately your place of business, its call etc. Tell them approximately the earnings you obtain from this particular task. If you’ve got other sorts of profits i.E. Lease or freelancing, present how a whole lot do you receive month-to-month / annually from them.

How will you be financing your experience? Who is your sponsor?

  • This is a question they ask just to make sure where your cash is coming from.
  • You will be provided to the interviewer an announcement on your financial institution account and different documents, so of course, they understand who could be sponsoring your trip.
  • However, answer sincerely and simply. Show evidence of all of your profits and savings if you plan to finance your trip together with your very own financial means.
  • On the other aspect, if someone can be sponsoring your visit to America then gift your dating with them, their profits and other info to show that they may be capable to cowl your monetary wishes for the duration of your stay in the US.
  • If you experience the interviewer is supplying you with area to talk greater about the difficulty, tell him your sponsor’s career and other info in an effort to prove to him you’ve got a sturdy connection, and there is a strong motive why this man or woman is sponsoring your trip.

Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Who will deal with them while you’re away?

The consular desires to recognize in case you are leaving someone in the back of.

Who will take care of your house/assets/kids/pets while you’re away?

You may have to show to the consular the folks that will appearance after them.

Do you’ve got any intention on final within the US?

We all realize that even in case you do have an goal to stay in the US.

This query is asked so that you have a threat to show to him you don’t have any such purpose. You should be very convincing.

Tell them the strongest reasons why you have to get lower back in your us of a upon your visa expiration. Show which you have very robust ties to your united states, by telling them you have got own family, children, pets, friends, property, and many others.

How are you able to guarantee me that you will go back to your property?

Try to prove to the consular officer which you have robust ties to your home u . S . A . And that in no way you intend to stay in the US.

Try to prove that by telling to the interviewer you have a female friend wife, youngsters.

Present your homes, your enterprise, your friendships and other members of the family you have got with different human beings. Show a contract you’ve got together with your employer, or different forms of engagements that show you ought to pass back to your own home u . S ..

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