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How to check vehicle details?

How to check vehicle details?

In this composition, we explain the find details process of knowing the introductory details of a vehicle check details proprietor using just one piece of information the enrollment number.

This process will come in handy when you want the information of a vehicle proprietor without going to Regional Transport Office.

The complicated process has been made simplified by VAHAN, a public vehicle registry platform introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in 2011.

Through the website or smartphone operation of VAHAN.

You can know the introductory Details details of further than 28 crore vehicles digitally registered across colorful Regional Transport services RTO in India.

Steps to Find the Vehicle Owner Details using Registration Number on VAHAN

The first step is to visit the sanctioned website of VAHAN, which is a platform officially authorized by the Indian Government.

On this platform, you can follow a step- by- step process by fitting just the vehicle’s enrollment number. Thun’s the two- step process

Head to ‘know your vehicle details’ present on the menu bar

On the coming runner that opens, fit the enrollment number of the vehicle and enter the verification law as shown coming to the input bar. Post that, click on ‘hunt vehicle’.

What Details of the Vehicle Owner can be Fetched using VAHAN?

After starting the hunt for a vehicle proprietor on VAHAN.

Present with a list of some details of the vehicle proprietor, which are in sync with the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Following are the details of a vehicle, which can be using VAHAN

  • Proprietor’s name
  • Vehicle class
  • Vehicle model and manufacturer name
  • fuel type
  • Registration date
  • incompletely hidden for security reasons
  • Duration of vehicle fitness
  • Pollution Under Control Certificate number
  • Validity of motor vehicle duty
  • name of insurance provider and validity
  • Status of enrollment instrument
  • Emission norms of the vehicle
  • Name of financer

Is There a Shorter Way to Find Details?

An SMS is the shortest way of knowing an information from one person or source, and that includes the details of a vehicle proprietor. All you need to do is follow these simple two way

Type VAHAN <space> enrollment number of vehicle

shoot this communication to 7738299899

After transferring this communication, the details of the vehicle proprietor will come to your number within a many second.

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