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How to play Pokémon go without walking

How to play Pokémon go without walking

Here are the fundamentals on a way to play Pokémon Go, one of the most famous AR cell games Gotta catch ’em all! Fans of the franchise and Pokémon lovers alike are sure to understand the wreck hit of a sport is Pokémon Go. Since its successful release in 2016, the AR mobile sport has gained huge popularity on both Android and iOS devices. Even 5 years in, Play Pokémon Go has maintained its role as one of the maximum famous phone video games available on the market.

How to play Pokémon Go: brief suggestions at a look

– Before powering up your Pokémon, make certain to build your XP first

– Catch as many Pokémon as you can, do not be picky

– Don’t overlook to transfer your Pokémon over to the professor in trade for Candy

– Evolve lesser paperwork, however don’t waste your Candy

– Don’t use AR mode too frequently as it drains your cellphone’s battery

– Take advantage of the Gyms as it really is how you earn Coins

– Only take part in Raid Battles that you can genuinely win

– Learn your Pokémon’s moves and their sorts: water, fire, fairy, ghost and extra

– Travel greater that allows you to explore more areas to find out new kinds of Pokémon

– Battery-saving mode is your first-rate pal

How to play Pokémon Go: Spotting the Pokémon
  • Pokémon Go makes use of GPS coordinates as your in-recreation person walks around a real-global map consistent with your bodily place.
  • Once you’re finish setting up your character, you may see yourself on a map, surrounded with the aid of some Pokémon. On the bottom left corner of the display, you will see your username and avatars of you and your friend Pokémon (who will discover Candy throughout the sport).
  • The Pokéball inside the middle triggers a menu, where you may open your Pokédex, conflict, store, view your Pokémon and any additional items. On the bottom right corner, you can spot a binoculars icon, which should indicate any demanding situations that you can entire as part of a quest or all through a unique occasion.
  • Below that icon, there’s a small white bar that features 3 shadows of Pokémon. Tap on it so as to expose those Pokémon’s places at a few checkpoints close to you. Each location has a real-existence image connected to it and by way of choosing it, the map must display you the way to get there.
  • Pokémon ought to appear all around you on a map, even though their quantity and sort will vary relying in your place, the climate and in case you’re near a Pokéstop.
  • As you could see on the screenshot above, I become surrounded by way of four Bidoofs (don’t question it, it became a Bidoof-dedicated event).
  • Now, ideally, you will be catching as many Pokémon as you could with a view to benefiting more XP factors, however in case you’re being picky or if you’re doing an assignment, cross in advance and pick one which meets your eye.
How to Play Pokémon Go: Trading, Raids, PokéStops, battles, and extra

Each Gym can get up to 6 Pokémon to assign to defending it from opposing groups. However, an unmarried instructor can’t assign a couple of Pokémon at a time.

– Open Gyms (gray) are to be had for trainers of any crew to take.

Alternatively, you can also buy those items with actual forex through the appropriate item store.

Both running shoes are require to use Stardust.

One element to note: you need to reach trainer stage 10 so as to alternate with other players and also you cannot exchange your favored (starred) Pokémon.

– Leveling up makes your Pokémon more effective and proof against your rival’s attacks. In order to adapt your Pokémon, provide them Stardust and Candy. Both are typically accumulated every time you seize a brand-new Pokémon. Each sort of Pokémon will require a sure quantity so that it will evolve. You also can use Candy to increase your Pokémon’s fight electricity stage.

– Potions & medicine are used to repair your Pokémon’s health after it takes harm from previous battles. You can get diverse potions each one has different restoration capabilities at some stage in the game. You can always get extra through in-app purchases. There is also a Revive, which (as the call states) revives fainted Pokémon. Additionally, you could additionally use items like the Incense to lure wild Pokémon over in your region.

– Eggs subsequently hatch to become a new Pokémon. They can often be found at Pokéstops. And if you occur to stumble upon one, make certain to use the Egg Incubator on your items list. The quantity of distance varies based at the Pokémon’s kind, but it usually begins at about 1 mile (2 kilometers). The longer it takes, the rarer the Pokémon can be.

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