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How To Collect Coins For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

How To Collect Coins For Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)?

  • BGMI official launch is yet to be announced, but the game is already available as part of the early access. The game has come with several new features, including the in-game UC. If you’re wondering how to get free Unknown Cash in BGMI, you’ve come to the right spot. Here’s everything you need to know about getting free Unknown Cash in the game.

How to get free UC in BGMI?

  • One of the most asked questions is how to get unlimited UC in BGMI. There are many of ways to get UC in Battlegrounds Mobile India to make purchases of your choice. Here are a few ways to get free UC in BGMI:

Step 1:

Get Elite Royale Pass in BGMI. This is one of the easiest ways to get more UC within the game. Investing in an Elite Royale pass gives you access to several free UC, skins, and other upgrades. Plus, you get around 600 UC for completing RP missions, further increasing your vault.

Step 2:

Use Google Play Store gift cards to get UC via Elite Royale pass. The Google Play gift cards help buy the pass or even purchase UC amount directly within the game. This comes as one of the apparent and cheapest ways to get UC in BGMI.

Step 3:

Get rewards within the game to get UC. Krafton, the company behind Battlegrounds Mobile India has given a couple of rewards and benefits to gamers. This applies to only those who pre-registered on Google Play. Having early access to BGMI helps to get more rewards and UC for free.

Step 4:

You can purchase UC within the game. Even if this isn’t a way to get free UC in BGMI, it still helps you stock up your vault. This is how much Battlegrounds Mobile India UC costs:

  • 60 UC: Rs. 75
  • 300 UC: Rs. 380
  • 600 UC: Rs. 750
  • 1500 UC: Rs. 1,900
  • 3000 UC: Rs. 3,800
  • 6000 UC: Rs. 7,500

Without further ado, let’s check how to get free UC in BGMI.

Google prices
  •  No, Google wo n’t just award you aimlessly in this case. principally, you have to download the Google Opinion prices app. This app is made by Google for marketing and surveying purposes. Through this app, you can share in checks. Once the checks are complete, Google will award you with a Google Play balance. This balance can also be redeemed for apps or other prices on the Google Play Store. You can also use the balance to buy UC in BGMI. The system is relatively simple. You ’ll have to go to BGMI’s in- game store. Once you find commodity you want to buy, you can elect it. When the box for payment is shown, you can put Google Play Balance as your favored payment system. That’s it!
 Follow channels for prices
  •  There are plenitude of YouTube and Twitch channels that constantly put out contests. numerous frequently award the winner with UC for BGMI, especially if the channel is grounded on Indian gaming and BGMI. Keep watch on these channels and share in their contests. These contests be relatively frequently, and while you have to contend with numerous other people, it’s easy work to get UCs. You wo n’t have to put in too important trouble either, indeed if your chances of winning will be slightly slimmer.
  •  Also read How To Download And Install BGMI MOD APK?
 Third- party apps
  • While this may be unconventional, a many apps award you with UC in BGMI. These apps tend to be popularised by multiple Indian gamers and e-sports suckers. For illustration, the Rooter app banded with Skye sports, a event organizer for BGMI. Due to this, numerous players used the Rooter app to get free UC in BGMI. The point we ’re trying to make then’s this you have to keep an eye out for third- party apps that unite with the applicable companies or games.
  •  Indeed Winzo, the Indian gaming app, hosted multiple events for BGMI. The prize upon winning was a substantial quantum of UC for BGMI. You can check these apps and see if any worthwhile BGMI events are being held soon. These events will most probably give a significant quantum of UC that will be over for heists.
  •  Still, in the cases of these apps, you ’ll have to link your bank account or Paytm account with the apps. With this, you ’ll be suitable to withdraw the plutocrat and use it for copping

 UC in BGMI.

Custom apartments
  • You ’ll also find numerous custom apartments hosted by notorious Indian gamers and YouTubers. These custom apartments are meant specifically for holding events. The event prizes may vary from one to another, but UC is a common prize. You could also win Elite RoyalePasses.However, this is an excellent option, If you want to get free UC in BGMI. Not only will you get a chance for carrying UC, but you can also play the events against other players. These events are great if you want to come a better player and hone your chops. Who knows? perhaps the events could be a gateway for you to get into competitive gaming!

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