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How to get Andy, Victor, Carlo and Sara characters

How to get Andy, Victor, Carlo and Sara characters

Battlegrounds Mobile India was provided in India just a few months ago, however is already amongst the most prominent mobile video games in the nation.

As a battle royale game, BGMI currently has over 50 million downloads in India. After the PUBG Mobile restriction, BGMI was presented in India as PUBG’s successor.

Presently, BGMI has four special characters consisting of Victor, Andy, Carlo, and also Sara. Each of these characters has some one-of-a-kind attributes and also skills.

From the readily available personalities, gamers can purchase three of them utilizing UC (Unidentified Cash). In relation to that, right here is every little thing you need to understand about BGMI in-game characters and also just how to buy them.

  • BGMI character list

As specified above, Battlegrounds Mobile India has 4 unique personalities with one-of-a-kind abilities. These characters consist of Victor– the submachine gun geek, Andy– the illusionist, Carlo– the bounty hunter, as well as Sara– the vehicle professional. Allows see what these personalities are all about as well as exactly how they boost the gaming experience.

  1. BGMI character: Andy

Andy is the most recent addition to the BGMI unique characters checklist. The personality costs the same as Carlo and can be purchased for under 1200 UC.

In addition, BGMI included a tiny biography for Andy discussing his past and also how he came to be a gunfighter after shedding his job as a magician. As a previous creature master, Andy puts on fits as well as elegant attire in the video game.

In addition to the physical look, Andy’s skills revolve around guns. Specifically attracting as well as doing away with guns by a base degree of 8 percent.

  • BGMI character: Victor

As specified earlier, BGMI has three characters that can be purchased via UC. Victor is the only totally free character out of four. Unlike Andy, Victor does not have a big effect on the video game itself yet it goes without saying that he is one of the most badass looking personalities in the game.

Victor’s knowledge lies in submachine guns. The personality is effective in Evo ground yet does not have practicality in TDM matches. Aside from the standard abilities, Victor has unique emotes and also attire available in the inventory area.

  • BGMI character: Carlo

Personalities as well as skins include aesthetics to computer games. In battle royal games like BGMI, Carlo is a magnificent personality that has actually understood the art of war. Carlo can be bought using the stock section.

This personality sets you back 1200 UC and also comes with one outfit and also one smiley. Carlo has some advantageous abilities that helps in high area fights.

As an example, dropping from a high location decreases health and wellness. By utilizing Carlo, gamers can reduce loss damages by 10 percent. Furthermore, when characters place up in degree, the autumn damages reduce from 10 percent to 13.5 percent.

  • BGMI character: Sara

Coming to the last character on the list, we have Sara– the vehicle specialist. Amongst the 4 unique personalities, Sara is the most recommended personality.

First of all, Sara costs just 600 UC which is less expensive as compared to various other characters. Secondly, as an automobile specialist, Sara can minimize the damages taken by 4 percent. To utilize Sara successfully, gamers can make use of vehicles like Dacia or UAZ. Additionally, gamers can reduce the damages taken by the lorry up to 5.5 percent in the next levels.

  • How to purchase BGMI characters?

Players can check their existing UC in the upper right corner of the screen. If the UC is above 600 or 1200, just touch on ‘Purchase’ together with the personality you wish to use.

Furthermore, players can purchase UC making use of real cash money.

On the UC purchase screen, faucet on the required quantity and complete the repayment treatment. Once finished, the UC can be verified at the top-left corner of the home screen.

  • Who is the best character in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Realistically, Sara is the very best personality due to its price and also skills. She can lower the lorry taken by the damage by 4 percent and also comes with her very own skin collection. Additionally, Sara can lower the vehicle damage by merely sitting in the car.

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